NUMED Franchise Unit

What We Are Offering

We are offering NUMED Franchise ownership to interested and selected candidates across the MENA Region, Africa & Europe.  

To operate a NUMED Franchise is to partner with a pioneer and leader in the market for Nutrition Clinical Equipment & Health & Nutrition Educational tools.  

NUMED is a unique and unprecedented concept worldwide that will allow you to join a fast growing industry, ensure you have a high profitable investment, and be continuously trained and driven.

NFU Presentation

View the Full Franchise Presentation

Download our presentation that will guide you in all what you need to know about us and the NUMED Franchise.

 NFU Presentation  

A Ready Entity

Encompassing everything a franchisee needs and high-quality Products

Minimal Cost 

In comparison to attempting to launch the same concept 

High Level of Organization, Solid Structure, and Regular Support

Transparency, Traceability & Openness

What Is Required from You

Prime Location

Market study and choosing the best spot in the designated Exclusive Territory

Agreement Fulfillment

All processes and details in our agreement have been thoroughly studied and proved effective, therefore it is requested franchisees follow them fully, according to the territory’s laws and regulations

Qualified Team

Hiring of qualified staff as per our requirements and values